Earthquake Survival Skills

Earthquakes are among the most unpredictable, terrifying, and destructive forces on earth. Unlike weather related emergencies, you have no ahead-of-time warning as to when or where an earthquake will hit, so it is best to develop earthquake survival skills well in advance of a quake. Here are some tips. More can be found at Wikipedia.

One of the best earthquake survival tips is to get underneath a sturdy object as soon as you feel an earthquake starting. If nothing is available, get into a doorway. This will help prevent objects from falling on you. A closet is also a good place to seek refuge. You should get a low as possible to the floor, and cover your head with your hands. Stay away from windows, as they are likely to shatter. If you are in a building that has multiple stories, position yourself somewhere near the center of the floor that you are on. Shifting could cause one side or another to collapse, and you do not want to be anywhere near the outer walls if this happens.

You may find yourself outdoors during an earthquake. Some of the best outdoor survival tips include getting underneath the closest sturdy object you can find, and if you are in a car, get out and lie as close to the side of the car as possible. Cars can easily be crushed by falling objects. If you lie low, beside the car, the car will serve as a barrier between you and the object. Again, as mentioned earlier, you should cover your head with your hands.

All earthquake survival tips should be shared with your children and family. It is important that everyone knows the proper actions to take should an earthquake strike. You may want to have your children go over a disaster plan that will cover them no matter where they are. You could even have them practice what they have learned by presenting them with possible scenarios, and seeing what their responses are. You truly can never be too prepared when it comes to an earthquake.

While these tips can help live through an earthquake, that is only part of the battle. When it is over, you will likely not have food, water, electricity, or any way to communicate with those not near you. It is wise to purchase a survival kit, which will supply you with the basic necessities, such as food, candles, a flashlight, radio, a portable generator and more. You should have earthquake survival kits at your home, in your car, and at your job. This will ensure that you are prepared no matter where you are. If you have children, you may want to send a kit to school with them.

You can survive and earthquake, the key is being prepared ahead of time. A good disaster survival guide, as well as owning and knowing how to properly use survival gear will help you be more prepared. When the unthinkable happens, you should know how to protect both yourself and your family with confidence in your earthquake survival skills.


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